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Marriage in Denmark

If you want to marry uncomplicated, affectionate and fast, this is the place to be. With us you will become a bridal couple.

If you want to get you marriage appointment approved directly, you can marry on the beautiful island Ærø. But with us you can marry in another register offices near the border or in Copenhagen too. Just contact us!

You don’t need a birth certificate or a certificate of nubility with us!

A personally pre-registration from the bridal couple in the register office at a weekday before the marriage is in a few register offices mandatory. We offer you a marriage in different register offices – at the beautiful island Ærø, at the mainland, near to the border, in Copenhagen, at the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, wherever you want. At the island Ærø we stand by your side.
We ensure you, if you follow our tips and instructions, you will get home married and happy with 100 % safety!

We are locals, this means, that we know for sure, how and which documents you need that your application for marriage will be accepted, how and where we can help, be it the way to the administration, take photos during the marriage or translate the marriage, to find a due overnight stay or restaurant, to buy a bridal bouquet, to come in contact with a hairdresser for the marriage or a photographer – We’re here for you!
Our couples know everything before the journey to Denmark, because at our agency you marriage is in safe hands!

For the register office at the island Ærø we offer you our comfortable premium-package, you can find the appointments for this further down on this site.
One day before the marriage we will collect you on the Hamburg airport and drive you to the island. There you will stay overnight in a 3-star hotel incl. breakfast and on the next day, after the marriage, we will bring you happily married back to the Hamburg airport.
More simply can’t a wedding be. Just commission us and send us your documents - we do the rest for you!

Features for the weddings in Copenhagen
You should plan your whished date far in advance, because after receiving the marriage license, your appointment, depending on the registry office, will not be confirmed until at least 4 to 5 weeks in advance. Since the wedding dates in Copenhagen are usually booked out several weeks in advance, you must send us your documents, forms and the deposit at least 6-7 weeks before your whished wedding date.

In Copenhagen weddings are mostly held in English or Danish. With an explicit request, your wedding in Copenhagen can also be conducted in German, but this is not always possible and must be agreed in advance with the registry office, which can influence the desired wedding date. Both partners must be able to communicate well with the registry office in English, so both partners must be able to speak English fluently or bring their own interpreter.

In general, the wedding ceremony can only be conducted in German and English or Danish. If one or both spouses do not speak one of these languages, you will have to arrange for an interpreter yourself at the wedding. It is not allowed for one partner to translate the wedding ceremony to the other. In some places we can arrange different interpreters for common languages ​​for an extra payment.
On our island Ærø, in Copenhagen, etc, you also have the option to order a professional photographer. When ordering the photo session, our photographer can translate the wedding ceremony for a small obolus from and into the Russian language.

For register offices with mandatory personal pre-registration, they have to be on a working day before the wedding, you must register in person in the registry office during opening hours at latest 1 working day before the wedding ceremony with all original documents. Two compulsory witnesses from the office are included free of charge, except for weddings on Saturdays, then you usually need to bring a groomsman by yourself.

Here you come to our services.



Even if you don’t need a certificate of nubility, it don’t mean that married people without a final divorce decree can marry again. Bigamy is prosecutable in Europe and and is punished with considerable terms of imprisonment. This concerns polygamy too. The new marriage will be undone from the state with all juridical consequences, among undone from a residence permit for the foreign partner.