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Service & Prices

Satisfying our customers is a matter close to our hearts, which is why we have also paid the highest possible cost control and transparency to our customers with regard to our package prices and payment methods.
In our carefree packages are always all the necessary and unavoidable expenses that everyone has to make at the wedding in Denmark, such as Danish marriage license fees and the over-certification of marriage certificate by Apostille included. 
Detailed information about your big day (travel, accommodation, etc.) are of course also included.
In order to advertise artificially low basic prices, many competitors disguise these costs, which are always necessary for a marriage in Denmark. 
With us there are also no surcharges for fast appointments (after wedding license entrance) Saturday appointments etc.
You will always receive a proper and clear invoice for your booked package after placing your order. 

Our packages for your wedding in any registry office, even on the island of Ærø.  

Furthermore we offer you on certain days for the marriage on the island of Ærø our premium offer, the available dates can be found here. 

*For weddings from 20. June 2021 until 05. September 2021 price changes for packages Premium by 100 € due to tourist high season. In high season, prices for accommodation and ferries are increased by the providers, we pass these increases on to customers.  

Comfort - only 999.- €
including marriage license, examination fee, booking appointment, detailed travel guide, express apostille service.
Package possible in all registry offices.
The journey to the registry office, and possible bridges or ferry costs, overnight stay, personal escort on site are not included in the Comfort package.
For the order of weddings comfort package from 01.11.2020 the price is 999 €.
Down payment € 550.  

Premium Speed - only € 1,499.-
"All inclusive" 3 services in one:
- Transfer-service, 2 people from Hamburg airport to the register office and back, ferry fee
- Comfort-package with all inclusive services
- Express apostille service.
Possible in registry offices without a mandatory overnight stay bevor only, the wedding possible at the earliest 4 to 6 weeks after the marriage license has been granted. Down payment € 650.
Currently transfer in this package only for one couple possible  

Premium Ærø - only € 1,599.-
"All inclusive" 4 services in one:
- Transfer-service, 2 people from Hamburg airport to the register office and back, ferry fee 
- Comfort-package with all inclusive services, apostille 
- statutory fees 225 €/1650 DKK
- State approval/certificate of marriageability
- 1 overnight stay in a 3*** hotel in the city, breakfast included
Possible in register offices with a mandatory overnight stay bevor on the island Ærø only, the wedding day possible at the earliest 3-7 workdays after the marriage license has been granted. 
Down payment € 650.
Currently transfer in this package only for one couple possible.
We will bring you to your hotel, pick you up for the wedding ceremony and bring you back to Hamburg.  

New: By request we will pick you up throughout Germany when you book our Premium Ærø package!

***Price change due to Infection Protection Act.
On the basis of the Infection Protection Act and other actions of the both countries we can only offer our transfer service for one couple at the same time, so we have to raise the prices of the packages Premium Speed and Premium Ærø.  

If you have ordered our Premium Package and would like to take escort persons with you - see prises below 

Extra costs

Bridal bouquet
A bridal bouquet and, if applicable, a matching pin are not included in the price, since the prices vary greatly depending on the request and size. You can order and pick up your bridal bouquet yourself on site, or send us your desired bouquet as a photo by email, we will order it according to the options of the local florists and pick it up on the day of the wedding ceremony. For this service we charge an expense allowance i in addition to the cost of the flowers. H. v. € 30.00.

Professional photographer
You have the option of ordering a professional photographer with your camera or mobile phone at the wedding instead of our free photo accompaniment. We will be happy to provide you with contact details and prices of the photographers free of charge. You have to order this service as early as possible.

Wedding hairdresser
You have the option to order a professional wedding hairdresser, we will be happy to give you the contact from the hairdresser free of charge. You have to order this service as early as possible.

How to book your dream wedding at Speedheirat.com
The process briefly summarized:
You: order, power of attorney, declaration of marriage, your documents
We: document check, invoice
You: deposit
We: processing of the wedding file, submission & receipt of marriage certificate
You: balance and wedding date
We: wedding date confirmation & travel information.

The following service are inclusive in every package: 
- Written and telephone advice
- After placing the order close written and telephone support to completion of full benefits
- Statutory fee about 225 €
- Fast processing of your documents, elaborate preparation of all necessary documents for transfer to the central examination authority
- After issuing the marriage license fast or desired wedding date at the registry office
- Information package for travel and stay in Denmark
- Detailed travel guide step-by-step in text and pictures (addresses, logistics and expiry of the wedding ceremony)
- Two obligatory witnesses are given by the registry office, in some offices on Saturdays only 1 or none witnesses-service possible, then you have to bring your own
- Two international marriage certificates in 5 languages ​​(Danish, English, German, French, Spanish), one of which is over-certified/legalization by Apostille for decent recognition of marriage in other countries
- All due Danish fees and taxes.  

We only can make an application for your marriage license if we have received all the necessary documents, forms and the credit of down payment 550.- €/650.- € for your package.
The credit of down payment for Package Beach wedding 1000.- €. 
The remaining amount is due immediately after the marriage license has been granted.  

If you select bank transfer as payment method, the credit of the deposit on our bank account apply. If you are in a hurry, please choose the payment via immediate payment or one of our other payment options. 

The journey to the register office are only included in our premium package. If you have booked our comfort package, you can book the travel and the accommodation, if requested by your registry office, by yourself according to your own preferences. You can get a list of accommodation options from every registry office, if necessary, we reserve an overnight stay and the ferry connection (only on the island of Ærø). 

The remainder of our service fees must be transferred not later than 3 days after the marriage license has been granted, to our bank account including their fees. Our premium package customers have the opportunity to pay us the remaining amount of our fee comfortably in advance by appointment in the registry office in cash.
Payment via EC or credit card on site is not possible. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and call us. 


Offer Obtaining a new marriage certificate(s) or new marriage certificate(s) wit Apostille

1. Obtaining a new marriage certificate(s) on the island of Ærø - 55 €

This service is chargeable, for the obtaining of a new certificate a service fee of € 55 is due, including postage within Germany via registered letter. Shipping to other EU-countries or not EU-countries for an additional fee based on Deutsche Post fees.

2. Obtaining one new marriage certificate with Apostille.

For order the new marriage certificate with Apostille the price is 155, - €.
If you order two new marriage certificates with Apostille, the total price is 255, - €

We do this service very quickly at the Foreign Ministry in Copenhagen, about 10-20 days after receiving payment including postage only within Germany, if to EU countries via registered mail possibly a little longer. Shipping to EU-countries and other countries for an additional fee based on Deutsche Post fees.
Apostille on all valid documents from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

We offer this service for all documents from these countries, which are given to us in originals in Germany, without any damage to the document, the price depends on the document and the country itself and is always to be calculated individually on request. The price includes the postal service (only via courier services). 


The services & prices are valid for orders from the 29.05.2020 and are per bridal couple and marriage. Our prices contained all payable Danish taxes. Important: All costs for the money transfer and variations of the exchange rate bears the customer / client. 

You decide on the scope of service "Marriage-in-Denmark". If you bring only your original documents and good mood to Denmark, we guarantee a nice stay in Denmark and good "Marriage-in-Denmark" service at the best price-performance ratio. With us you will not have any worries, we will take care of everything, from the planning of your wedding to your trip to the wedding venue in Denmark. 

The service fee and any other fees or costs incurred by us on your behalf are payable in full with your forms (authorization, application for the marriage license and order form) before the documentary check, for your packages amounting to 550.- € / 650.- €. 

With our offers 1, 2 you must pay the full amount, the fulfillment of our order takes place only after the receipt of money. 

Please understand that we cannot verify your documents until we have received your completed & signed forms and partial payment. Such an exclusion clause is essential for the protection of our services, investments, the advance payments into your wedding, the processing of your order. There are no exceptions to this rule, as we have to protect ourselves from fraudulent provision of services. 

Payment: Down payment bank transfer/real-time bank transfer only, as an exception per Western Union or MoneyGram. 

If you want to transfer the deposit as an immediate transfer via Western Union or MoneyGram, please contact us before by phone or mail. 

If you have ordered our Premium Package and would like to take escort persons with you (currently not possible!)
Entrainment of additional persons in our Premium offer:
According to availability and earliest 5 days before the wedding, we can take escorts in addition to the wedding couple in our shuttle bus, but this must be agreed in advance and is not always possible.
Adults & Children from 4 years p.P .: 150.- €; in high season 200.- €. Infants under 3 years p.P.: 100 €.
In registry offices with one overnight stay before the wedding ceremony for the one overnight stay of your accompanying persons emerge additional charges for hotel, according to season and hotel price. Infants up to 3 years of age can stay overnight in their parents' bed free of charge.