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The procedure

This process is valid from 01.01.2019

You want to marry in Denmark, but do not know how it works? No problem, our agency will be glad to help you!
With us you can close quickly and easily, on the legal way your knot for life.
We mostly work together with a registry office in the south of Denmark, where we get the fastest confirmation of a wedding date. You are also welcome to select another Danish registry office - please contact us.

The procedure:

  1. Before you call us, please read the pages "Necessary Documents", "Service & Prices", "The Procedure" so that you know how everything works and which documents you need for a marriage in Denmark. If you still have questions, please call us without obligation and we will answer your questions.
  2. Download the forms "Order Form", "Power of Attorney" and the "marriage declaration" here, fill and signature the Order form and the Power of Attorney and send it to us with your documents.
    You have to fill in the marriage declaration online with your computer and send it to us without scanning or your signature, so we can check the declaration and maybe correct it. After that you have to print it, signature it and scan it for us, otherwise we can't correct it
  3. You send us the forms and your documents (see Required Documents) scanned for color requirements (see Scanning Quality Requirements under "Required Documents").
  4. We will confirm the receipt of the document and send you your invoice. You transfer us a deposit of 600.- €
    Check your spam folder, our answer can wait for you there, or you can add our e-mail address info@speedheirat.com to your contacts.
  5. After crediting the invoice amount / partial payment we will prepare your wedding file, if necessary we will inform you a short notice which documents we still need from you, then we will submit the wedding file to the examination authority. This currently requires from 5 to 25 business days to check the file. We get from the central examination authority your marriage license / marriage license for your wedding.
    If both partners are EU citizens, the exam will be completed sooner.
    If you have any questions about the documents sent, please call the following german mobil number: +49 173 7461230
  6. After receiving your marriage license from the central examination office, the balance of your bill is due, these premium customers can pay on Ærø also locally, otherwise the balance must be transferred.
  7. After receipt of the balance, we will book your requested date at the registry office of your choice according to availability and confirm you, then you will receive further detailed information about your wedding package, as well as your travel guide promptly.
  8. In some registry offices, no overnight stay is necessary, but there are currently free wedding appointments only in 4 to 6 weeks in advance, again in registry offices with one night before, as it is on our island Ærø, you can immediately on the next working day appointment confirmed but then you have to arrive one day before the wedding during the opening hours at the registry office with your original documents in order to carry out the obligatory personal advance notice in the registry office.
  9. After the wedding, you can then return home as a married couple or stay a little longer on the spot or celebrate your marriage in Copenhagen or in another nice place of Denmark.
  10. After a few days, you will receive by registered mail your marriage certificate that has been certified by us and you can register your marriage with relevant authorities.

Back in your home country, there are still some bureaucratic hurdles waiting for you, but we will gladly assist you as our customer.
For most couples, registering for the Danish marriage is easy as it is only a matter of formalities after the wedding. Should there be any problems, we will try to advise you, but we can only offer this by phone.