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#stayhealthy | We're here for you - Marriage in Denmark – Without a certificate of marriageability, without a birth certificate

Breaking News #Coronavirus #SARS-CoV-2 official update #weddingindenmark: 

Update 06.18.2020
The opening from the danish Border will continue from 27 June 2020.
If you travel to, - via, - from Denmark:
- If you are resident in an EU Member State, a Schengen country and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland or the United Kingdom (currently with the exception of Sweden and Portugal), the following rules applies:
- All citizens with a permanent residence in Schleswig-Holstein are allowed to enter and travel without restrictions
- All other* citizens with a permanent residence in the countries listed can go to Denmark - and travel with a stay of at least six days
- The hygiene rules specified in the update dated 04.06.2020 still applies
*Non-EU citizens with a permanent residence in the countries listed have to obey the usual entry requirements to travel to Denmark.
Which requirements must be documented at the entry:
- Permanent residence in the above countries
- - Rental contract / booking, - and proof of payment at least 6 days stay in Denmark - this applies to all except Danish citizens, citizens with permanent residence in Denmark and in Schleswig-Holstein.

See also infographic infographic entry to Denmark from 27.06.2020
Read more "You can enter Denmark if" Frequently asked questions and answers from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Danish National Police, etc. about traveling to or from Denmark: Information entry and COVID-19

Update 06.04.2020
Now wedding appointments can be reserved in Danish registry offices.
For wedding couples entering Germany from Denmark the same conditions apply as for all other tourists. Legal entry to Denmark is only possible if you have at least 6 nights booked at a Danish place. Of course the other usual residence law entry requirements must also be observed. During the stay in Denmark day trips to other places are possible, including Copenhagen and Zealand, but no overnight stays are allowed there.
All citizens who have a permanent residence in Germany are allowed to enter Denmark.
In Denmark there is a strict distance rule of at least 1 m, and it is mandatory to wash or disinfect your hands regularly. Hugging others or shaking hands is prohibited. In Denmark there is no obligation to wear a face mask.

Update 29.05.2020
For the moment we just know the concept for all tourists; the concept for the marriage couple is still being processed. This first re-opening from the borders should be evaluate carefully.

Facts: German and Norwegian tourists have to follow certain rules:
- Die German-Danish border will open at the 15. Juni, so as the borders to Norway and Iceland. This means, that just tourists from Germany, Norway can cross the border to Denmark, no people from other countries. For example a Frenchman who drive trough Germany to Denmark will not be allowed to cross the border.
- All tourists have to observe the hygiene rules.
- A few Travelers will be asked to do a Coronatest, this will be done with a random principle.
- You can drive to Denmark if you have a holiday home or a Partner there.
- Furthermore travellers are welcome in Denmark if they have booked a holiday home there for at least 6 nights at the same place, but not in Copenhagen. You can linger in Copenhagen but not sleep there or in the surrounding local communities of Copenhagen.
- You do not have to travel to Copenhagen to get a Coronatest; not every day and not at every border there will be Coronatests made, and not at every common tourist area.
- Foreign people who come to Denmark get all information about the Danish rules.
- If a foreign tourist tests positive for coronavirus, he or she will be covered by the recommendations of the National Board of Health, for example for self-isolation.
- If a foreigner who want to travel to Denmark have signs for being sick, like coughing, fewer or something else, he will be not allowed to cross the border.
- The police will check if the people who want to go to Denmark fulfil the entry requirements.
- If a foreigner who want to travel to Denmark not fulfil the entry requirements he will not allowed to cross the border.
- At a holiday home, hotel, camping place or something else you have to submit a proof of rental.
Source: Danish government


From the 01.01.2019 there are a official update from the law. There are new, stricter guidelines for the marriage in Denmark for foreigner.
Now the examination of the documents leads only the central authority and they also issue the marriage license, the procedure is only electronic. Currently the marriage license takes depending on the case from 5 working days to circa 4 weeks and only with the marriage certificate a wedding date ccould be set at the registry office. For couples, where both have EU citizenship and all necessary documents, the marriage license is granted very quickly. The requirements for the necessary documents are now the same in all Danish registry offices, only the waiting time for an appointment for marriage takes different lengths. Now the examination fees (formerly civil registry fees) plus money transfer fees have to be paid together with the submission of the documents to the examination authority.
In the case of obscurities with the documents and / or doubts about the honest intentions of the wedding couple to enter into a marriage for the purpose of a common family life, the couple will be invited for a personal questioning into the authority.

Everyone can marry in Denmark, if you can produce the necessary documents.
Just people who plan a fake marriage, applicants for asylum or illegal immigrants can not marry.

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In Denmark anyone can get married who can provide the necessary documents in their case, except for those who are planning a pro-forma marriage. Even attempting a pro-forma marriage is punishable. Asylum seekers and illegals cannot marry in Denmark either.   

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