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What do you need to know about Denmark?
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The Foreign Office on: Travel and safety information in Denmark

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If you look for accommodation in Denmark, you often see a price level that does not always make you happy, especially as the Danish hotel standards are often not German, but a bit lower. However, hotels and guesthouses in the surrounding area often offer cheaper alternatives, but these accommodations usually have only shared bathrooms for multiple rooms. Although one must do without such comfort, such as A private bathroom in the room, but almost all accommodations are very lovely and decorated in Scandinavian style.

In general, living expenses are higher in Denmark than in Germany. This is not a problem for Danes and for Germans living in Denmark, Denmark has top wages in the European Union. However, the taxes and duties in Denmark are significantly increased.

A good Danish invention is the "Kontrolraport", to be seen in the window of every grocery or catering establishment. The owner must hang the latest official test report in the shop window. Smileys are there to announce the scores, so that the customers already know.
The best providers can count themselves to the "elite".

If you become ill in Denmark, you are entitled to free treatment in Danish hospitals in the event of sudden illness, accident, childbirth or an unexpected worsening of a chronic condition.
Germans and anyone who is entitled to free medical treatment and reimbursement of medical, dental and medical expenses through their health insurance can be treated in Denmark.
Please take your European Health Insurance Card issued by your health insurance company for treatment and medicines. Those who are not protected by compulsory insurance should take out additional travel insurance.
Outside normal office hours (8 am to 4 pm) and on weekends, please contact the nearest emergency medical service. At you will find the emergency numbers in your holiday region.
In case of acute danger, dial the emergency number 112.